Half Year Whole Year

A few birthday treasures...  spicy chocolate, a persimmon, new socks from my mum, a reindeer, some fabric... there were more lovely surprises from friends and family that surely will make their way into photos here and there.

Happy Birthday to me!  I am 31 today... 30 was an amazing and challenging year. I gave birth to my second daughter, and the wild winds have been blowing ever since. For this next year, I would just like to simplify as much as possible, enjoy my babies, and maybe have a little time to myself every once in a while. Only time will tell.

 This birthday was also special because Elsa turned six months old! She got her first taste of rice cereal this morning, and certainly enjoyed the spoon more than the cereal, but she ate it all the same.

 Elsa at 6 Months:
- is scooting quite a bit
- does push-ups everyday to get big and strong and can nearly get that butt off the floor
- just started saying *mum-ma* when crying
- laughs about everthing big sister does
- has magical changing eyes
- chatters a bit
- screams a bit more
- chews on everything
- gives big baby kisses (suction cup style)


Anonymous said…
wish we could have spent your Birthday with you. Happy Birthday to you! We'll sing it to you soon. Love, mom and dad

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