Secret Dreams

Briar Rose blocks for baby blanket in progress...
Thinking today about those secret dreams that we put on a shelf in the back of our mind... periodically falling off the shelf, being re-shelved, but sorry, no time for you now... maybe someday... hold tight secret dreams, don't let the dust collecting let you think I've forgotten you. Wait too long and some do get forgotten or lost behind the shelf, or maybe just morphed into something else. Yes, it's true, I am sleep deprived! Go away pink elephants!

There are a great many of these secret dreams for those good at dreaming. I can't share all mine here... they are secrets after all, but maybe just a few. That way, one or two can reach the surface, where they are no longer just dreams, but something I do:

1) Illustrate children's books ( This is something I've wanted to do since my teenage years. It's probably not such a surprise for those that know I'm an artist and went to school for illustration, but it's something that will take a grand time committment that I'm not sure I can handle at the moment... la, la, la... excuses.)

2) Design clothing patterns (working on this... I've done a little bit in the children's department, but I'd love to do a women's line too... more to learn first!)

3) Design fabric (art and fabric love combined)

4) Start The Wildwood Family Band (get your earplugs out, I still have to learn to sing and play an instrument... probably the most unrealistic dream I have, but it makes me happy to think of us in a gypsy wagon peddling our music around the world as a family.)

Who knows if I'll do any of these things. Life has a way of constantly re-directing us. My suggestion to you lovely reader is this: sit in a cozy rocker or arm chair with a cup of tea (or cocoa or coffee with two shots of esspresso) this weekend, and listen to your secret dreams for a moment... maybe ask them how they're doing and if any are ready to come out and play? Who knows, maybe there is one or two that you're more ready to realize than you thought!


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