Harvest Reunion

Grandma Gladys and the girls upon arrival.
 Ok, things got a little busy these last few days, but here are some shots from last weekend. We had a lot of fun visiting with Jake's Grandma Gladys and Grandpa Bernie who drove all the way down from Wisconsin, along with other family members. It was also our local Harvest Fair, which Jake usually plays at in some form or another. Family members stayed at a farm in town where we were married four years ago. (Yesterday was our anniversary!) I just popped in some captions... I was intended to write a fuller post, but Miss Elsa is in need of her Mama.

The Baba Yaga's at the Harvest Fair

Our friends the goats.

Oona and the farm kitties!

Baby on head.

Kitty in mailbox.

Goats, alpaca and geese, oh my!

Family reunion picture.

Oona in Daddies jacket with Bannagrams on her head.
Happy Fall Equinox!


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