Rainbow Mountain Skirt

 This is another creation I started for KCW that I finished up last night. I used fusible interfacing to hold down the applique, but I think, after a day of wear, I might need to stitch down the applique as well, as my girl is rough and tumble on her clothes.

She was ready to put it on as soon as she got up. I have one more little project to share soon from last week, and I still have some ideas on the back burner for kids/baby clothes, so  you might be seeing some more such things in the next few weeks.


Jenna said…
cute skirt! you have the most adorable model!
Bonnie Wildwood said…
Thanks Jenna! I wish she could stay still for more than .005 seconds, but if I take a million shots a few turn up not in a blur, haha!

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