All Species Day

Today we took a little holiday with my parents to go to "All Species Day" in Montpelier, VT. This was our first time going... Jake dubbed it "Vermont's version of Mardis Gras".  It's a fantastic May Day festival where everyone is invited to dress as their favorite species. As Oona's Baba and Papa just brought her a new pair of wings, it seemed only appropriate she go as a fairy. Mama made felt flower crowns... one for each of the ladies... Oona, my mom, and me. I wasn't sure if we'd even be going, with the baby due so soon, so I was stitching flowers to the crowns on the drive up to Montpelier. It was very last minute, but hey, I think everyone looked quite awesome. Jake and my Dad recycled some old handmade masks of Jake's... a fox and an owl.

 It was so fun seeing all the costumes people made for and with their kids and all the wonderful floats and puppets. So, enjoy the photos... this Mama needs to rest up after a long day in the sun!


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