May Day Flowers

 Happy May Day! I washed my face in the May Day dew and felt renewed (or maybe it was just the gorgeous weather that did it.) We enjoyed some wonderful sun here (which hopefully means Spring has really and truly hit VT!). The grass is finally bright green, the trees on the mountainside have been exploding in only the last few days, and there have been dandelion sightings. Oona painted some lovely May Day flowers with this vegetable based paint I found.

I left them to dry in the sun next to some spudding potatoes that I'm going to dry and plant in the ground. 
It was kind of the perfect start to the merry month of May with a mommy/daughter picnic, the first laundry hung on the clothes line, and a family walk after the store closed. Hope everyone is as excited for Spring as I am! These VT winters get hard the last month or so, and I'm so glad to be able to step outdoors without a jacket or shoes or a care in the world!


Jenna said…
So glad Spring finally made it your way! It's beautiful here too and feels long overdue!
Bonnie Wildwood said…
Hurray for Spring! Hoping we don't have anymore wintery weather to deal with... it's possible here, but I'm loving 70 degree weather!

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