Life at Snail's Pace

 Time is passing by without a look at the clock or calendar in our little cocoon. I wish it was all sweet smiles and gentle coos, but it is also fatigue, slow healing, loads of diaper changes, baby and toddler crying in unison, tired arms, and sleepless nights. Sometimes I enjoy the quiet of this new baby world of nursing and sleeping, and sometimes I feel utterly isolated from the world outside the front door. Things will change fast, I know. I know I should enjoy the days at snails pace because they won't last long.

We've had some help for the first week and a half, first from my mom and then dad, and next from Jake's mom. She left this morning and now it's time to get back to our family rhythm. It was great to have help, but I've really missed my big girl during all this as she tends to only have time for grandparents when they are up. I've missed Jake too as he's been working and taking care of so much, and I've been mostly staying in our upstairs living room with baby because I can't do the stairs too often. It's times like these I wish our house was on one floor.

All that aside, Elsa is healthy and happy and growing so much everyday. Oona has lots of kisses to shower on her when she's sleeping. I love these two sweet girls so much. They make the world go round.


Jenna said…
she's beautiful! Can't wait to meet her.

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