Sweater and Turtle

Hello! Here's a few items I've been working on for KCWC the last couple days. The sweater was originally suppose to be a dress, but I ran out of yarn. I used granny stripes for the skirt part and made up the pattern.

I also finished Oona's turtle shell for Halloween. I made patchwork hexagons and hand stitched them together for the back of the shell and stuffed it so it would stick out like a real shell.

The front of the shell is attached to the back smock style, and it's made of ribbed corduroy. Now I just have to figure out what she's going to wear under the shell... probably something green with a hood and green leggings or pajamas, but it's harder to find then you might think. I might have to make that part of the costume too.

I wish I had even more to show, but things  are slow going around here. I'm hoping to get one or two more projects done before the end of KCWC, so I'll be back soon with more.


Anonymous said…
The costume looks amazing! She's going to look so adorable!

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