There's nothing like a bucket of water to splash around in. Babies really know how to enjoy the simple things! I've been trying to make my life more balanced lately... which means, lots more playing! Ha. I love being able to get outside. I made some big progress on the garden today. We have a whole patch for corn this year. Hope the bugs and raccoons don't destroy it. I've probably been doing a little too much philosophizing in my head lately. Sometimes it's good to stop and rethink everything. I've also been digging into a lot of parenting books lately. Maybe I'll share some of what I've been reading soon. It's funny, when I was pregnant, I never felt the need to read a parenting book because I felt like it would just all be intuitive. And much of it very much is! But there are always different aspects to consider, especially when certain assumptions you've made about parenting aren't working out in practice. Mostly, I just want to learn how to help her learn and grow better. I think we're doing okay for first timers, but there's always room to blossom. I'm so grateful for the support of all the mama's I know, young and old. Papa's sometimes have a bit of wisdom to share too, but the circle of motherhood is so important to nourishing our children. Woo! Sorry, too much fresh air today!


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