Grandparents, Bonfires and Fleamarkets

My, my, we have been busy! Last week, Jake's Dad came for a visit. He lives in New Mexico so we don't get to see him very often. He stayed for the week and on the weekend, my parents joined in the fun. Grandparents can really wear you out! I am dog tired, as they say. (just kidding, mom)

We went on a canoe ride, had our first barbeque on our first grill (veggie style), hit the first farmer's market of the season, took everyone for an incredible bonfire in the woods with music and strawberries and silvery stars, and visited a flea market in NH at the Quechee Antique Mall.

Oona was so very glad to see all her grandparents. I know she's going to go through grandparent withdrawal this week... they spoil her so. Back to the daily grind.

P.S. Oona said " I wuv you" to me at the campfire... I think she's said it before, but not quite as clearly... my heart melts for that little sprout.


Anonymous said…
I just shared Oona's "I wub you" with Great Grandma Virginia, this morning. Quite memorable, as you asked her for a kiss and she one upped you! What a funny child she is. We must get her on video when she hears her song. She's absolutely ridiculously happy! And I thought you were getting a rest when we stole our grand baby from you?
Jenna said…
Aww Bonnie! So sweet! Sounds like you had an amazing time with everyone!Talk to you soon.

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