Hello from one of the Irene disaster zones! Our little town and the surrounding area got hit hard after Hurricane Irene tore through and flooded the mountains and rivers. We were without power for almost a week, and our basement flooded, but we were very fortunate considering some lost their homes. Work crews are working tirelessly to get the roads functioning again and get supplies in, but we lost a number of bridges that surround us so it is difficult to get very far these days. But we are lucky to have a great community who has really looked out for us through the storm and power outage.

This photo is of the store porch. The water came up to our front step before it receded. The river is normally across the street and about 20 to 25ft down! We were so greatful it stopped when it did or the store might have been under water!

During an interlude in the storm when it was misting we took a little walk down the street to see how our neighbors were fairing. Of course, Miss Oona was pretty un-phased by all the destruction and having a good old time.

The following day, we were able to see more of the consequences of the storm. This crater is where there use to be a parking lot and drive way to the state garage and part of our neighbors lawn. I'm amazed the old apple tree withstood the force of the river! Many trees were not spared Irene's wrath.

Above is one of the bridges we lost which is just a quarter mile down the road. I'm really humbled by the force of mother nature, but also the force of human kindness. So many have stepped in to help VT from near and far. We have unfortunately been getting more rain the last few days. Do a little "no" rain dance for us!


Anonymous said…
Ok, ok, I'll do the no rain dance! It was raining all day here for the last couple days and hopefully it won't start again. Grateful that you are all fine. mom

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