Disaster Relief: A Beautiful Wedding!

Our dear friends Tara and Seth got married last weekend, and we escaped the flood zone (only took an extra three hours through detours!) to be there for the big event. Jake played music during the ceremony and I was honored to be one of the bride's maids.

For a wedding present, I made them rabbit paintings of themselves. It is the year of the rabbit, after all! I painted them on the top and bottom of a vintage violin that was missing it sides. Sometimes being married to an instrument repair man has its advantages!

Little Miss Oona had a great time, but all the fun did poop this baby out. She wore a little sundress I made her out of some floral Japanese print fabric and a felt/crochet head band I made too.

For table decorations, they used favorite childhood toys and special photos of them together. We sat at the Darth Vader/ Eskimo Kiss table.

Ok, I just want to be clear, Jake and I shared this delicious plate of desserts. I highly recommend peanut butter cup brownies.

It was the only wedding I've ever been to where the bride and groom and all the single folk got to fish for doughnuts and bob for apples. Pretty great. I'm so glad the hurricane didn't keep us from missing this special day.


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