Vintage Highchair

While my mom was up visiting, she kindly watched Oona so I could finish up this project I'd been trying to complete for over a month and a half. We picked up this awesome vintage circa 1910 high chair at one of our favorite little shops in Middlebury, VT, "Bella Donna". It seemed pretty sturdy and the top latched closed, so all I needed to do was add a safety belt using some strap material and a buckle purchased at a craft store. I also made a seat cushion out of canvas floral material I had that ties so her high chair would be more comfortable.

Oona loves it! It's nice to be able to feed her while we eat our meals. She's doing pretty good with solid foods, but there are still a few things she makes faces at.

Oh, and someone else loves her chair too! I caught Terrapin in it, and he keeps trying to sleep in it. Maybe he's needing some attention with all the attention Miss Babykins been getting. Poor kitty.


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