Happy July

Happy July! It's been a while, yet again. Motherhood keeps me very busy without much to show for myself (other than a wonderfully cute little person!). The babe is "creeping" now and very close to a crawl. She loves searching the rugs for lint and sneaking it in her mouth before I can stop her... not really sure why rug lint is so much more delicious than peas or applesauce, but who am I to say. She also loves attacking the legs of small furniture such as end tables and rocking chairs. I'm scratching my head wondering how some mother's get so much done. I think productive mamas of little babes must have babies that are good nappers (or a nanny, but that's definitely not in the budget). Oona is a fan of tiny short naps that gives me just enough time to pee or get a drink of water. I knew having a little one was going to take a lot of time, but I thought I'd be a little bit better at juggling it all. I feel bad when I can't even get around to doing the necessary evils, like folding the laundry or sweeping the kitchen floor, let alone all the creative ideas piling up in my head. I'll get the hang of it eventually, maybe when Oona's twenty, ha.

That said, I think I might finally have an opportunity to do a little work in the studio today. We'll see if that happens. Happy weekending!


I'm *glad* to hear it is just as difficult for you as it is for me! I get a lot of creative work done b/c the second virginia's head hits the pillow at night I am off to my studio to work for a few hours before coming home to crash and start over again at 7am. But all the housework is always sadly neglected, potted plants die, and we eat out more than I would like ... sigh.
mary said…
It gets easier! I promise. Motherhood is so under rated in the world but in reality the rearing of children is the MOST important work there is...be it a mom or carer who helps. Better to fail at tidiness than loving your babes. Mom :)
Bonnie Wildwood said…
Hi Candice! My biggest problem right now is that I'm having trouble getting Oona to go to sleep at night to even get those couple hours of work squeezed in. I'm hoping to get her on a better schedule, but we'll see. It's hard work being a Mama!
Bonnie Wildwood said…
I know it'll get easier... it has to, right? haha. She's a good babe. I just need to figure out a way to fit in a little bit more of my own time.

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