Spring Cleaning and Projects

Sorry I've been missing for a while. We've been doing a big overhaul of our downstairs... living room, kitchen, bathroom and mudroom and it's been taking up a lot of time. We moved this desk from the mudroom where it was mostly just used to pile things to the living room where it will find much more use for business and paying bills and writing letters and working on crafts. I'm so happy it's finally in a place that makes sense. The little shelf on top is made from an old crate and is great for mail and misc. other whatnots.

In the bathroom, Jake just refinished this old medicine cabinet that my parents so kindly gave to us. We found a funky knob at this little shop we like to visit in downtown Middlebury, Bella Donna. The cabinet is much needed as sooner or later Miss Oona will be getting into things.

We've also had some outdoor projects. Jake built this beautiful little green house for the plants I've been growing out of old windows. I love that it will be easy to move when we move out of this place. I'm looking forward to expanding the garden this year.

Oona is enjoying spending more time outdoors. We try to get in a walk when the weather is good. I can't wait until we can roll around in the grass with her! I'm going to post some highlights from our weekend later today so stay tuned!


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