Crochet Ball

The Easter bunny called in another favor and had me make this here ball for Oona. I thought it would be super quick to make, but I ran into some problems when the second half of the ball turned out flat... You were suppose to join two identical halves, but something went terribly wrong and my halves were far from identical. I must have picked up an extra stitch somewhere which changed the whole pattern. So I improvised, and working backwards made the ball all in one piece working from the middle of the first half that I had done correctly... cute, but frustrating...

Here's a link to the pattern: Crochet Ball
You can also make a solid ball.

I'm really wishing I knew how to knit. Have a look at all these cute free knit children's patterns over at Petite Purl:
Nova Dress
Cloverfield Sweater

There are more under the "patterns" and "archive" sections at the top of the page. Super cute! My little bunny is growing like a forest! I have too many cute things I want to make for her, but there's just not enough time. Sigh!


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