Baby Shower Cakes!

I couldn't resist sharing these photos of some amazing desserts from my baby shower for our little Wildwood. The ice cream cake was decorated by the folks at the Dairy Bar in CT which makes awesome ice cream fresh from the cow (well, practically)! They did a wonderful job with the woodland animals. The cupcakes we're made by my mom and I... lemon with lemon frosting with a touch of polka dots... so good! I wish I had more photos from the shower to share. I still need to take some photos of some of the the amazing handmade gifts bestowed upon us.

I'm at 38 weeks today! That means baby could come any time now! I'm totally ready, but the house is not! There's still lots of little projects under way that need doing so baby can feel free to take its time. Jake and I did make a great escape today to Burlington as my post birthday celebration because we didn't have much time to celebrate on Saturday. As is tradition when visiting Burlington, we had delicious Indian food and stopped in at the Burlington City Arts Center. I also got to hit up a couple fabric shops and restocked a bit. It's so nice when you work from home to be able to take a fun day trip now and then for your sanity, especially since we will be nesting in with our little babe real soon. Ok, I'm off to see what I can do with some of this new fabric! Have a good night!


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