A Tour of Baby Wildwood's Room

Well, it's mostly finished! I think it turned out pretty darn cute. I'm still planning on adding a little more artwork to the walls and perhaps tweaking things here and there, but I think the baby will approve. He or she won't actually be sleeping here for a while, but it's nice to have it done. We have Jake's old baby cradle in our bedroom so baby will be close at hand for late night feedings and changings while they are still little.

The little shelf above is a leaf from an old enamel table that somehow lost it's top. The other leaf is above my sewing table in our studio, also serving the purpose of a shelf. The beautiful, colorful painting above was painted by little cousin as a gift for the baby and I thought it deserved a frame so I put it in one today.

Serving as a bookshelf is my old doll house. It was given to me on my fifth birthday by my parents, and it's seen a lot of play in it's day! I gave it a paint job last week... it was getting a bit worn. It was suppose to be red with that blue/green roof you see, but it turned out more of a pinkish color. Oh well. I painted all the interior walls white except for one that still had the original wall paper and left some of the colored floors in their original paint too. We have such a large collection of children's books now, especially after the baby shower, that I'm so glad we have this space. My mom gave us the cute vintage bird night light you see above.

Below you can see another nook of the doll house and "the gnome feeding a baby bunny" music box I picked up once upon a time in anticipation of one day having a baby bunny to give it to.

Next up is babies crib... a great used find that my parents picked up for us. The bunny mobile was a gift from my sister. And the awesome blanket hanging from the rail was handmade by Jake's "Ant" Vicki.

The changing table you see below was handmade by Jake's Grandpa for his cousin Atticus. We are taking temporary custody of it until this said cousin has babies of his own, perhaps. Jake's Grandpa also built a beautiful cradle for Jake that I will have to show you soon... maybe with a sweet little newborn asleep in it.

On the wall you can also see a cool Japanese kitty print from my mom and a fun wall hanging from Ecuador from Jake's mom.

The awesome mushroom bag you see below is filled with babies clothes and blankies and whatnot to bring to the birthing center. It was a gift from my friend Jenna and handmade by her sister-in-law-to-be.

And here's babies baby book just waiting to be filled!

The vintage music box below was another gift from my mom. They dance when you wind it up!

And here is another handmade item... Jake's old rocking horse! I wish I had a picture of him riding it when he was little.

The hangers below were a fun item my mom and I found together while out shopping. I can't wait to hang little outfits from them.

And finally here is a peek at the horsey Pendelton from Jake's mom.

I can't wait to show baby this happy little space we made for it with the help of gifts and love from so many others!


Karen said…
i love this room so much, bonnie!!
it's so wonderful! and more put together than my 2 month old's room haha. be glad its all squared away BEFORE he/she arrives :) i got caught a bit off guard.
Bonnie Wildwood said…
The room did get finished, but there were a number of other house projects that fell by the wayside, and probably will be put on hold for quite sometime! Oh well! I'm just glad she's here!
Anonymous said…
Bonnie! LOVE the nursery, it came out so wonderful. You put so much thought and effort into the room, and its obviously a joint effort of all those that love you guys. I love that you framed your cousins picture for the baby, what a beautiful touch. Its wonderful that it has so many family heirlooms in it! Love, Jenna

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