Weather the weather

Maybe it's the constant rain or maybe it's my pregnancy hormones, but my mood has been less than sunny lately. Every little thing just seems so frustrating. I'm embarrassed that I can't seem to complete tasks or do one thing well. The garden is overgrown with weeds, the house is in disarray despite my best efforts, my projects are just ideas that float in my head or constantly incomplete and running my own business seems more and more a sinking ship. Moan. Moan. Moan.

I didn't intend to start out this post in this way, as you can see from the beautiful wildflowers in the photo above growing on the roadside. But I'm hoping if I get this out of my system early in the day, I'll be able to "pick myself up by the boot straps", or whatever they say, and stop and smell the wildflowers again. (Luckily, there are not too many readers to endure this rant.)

Here is the obligatory first baby belly shot. But I have to say, it just makes me feel like Santa Claus with my bowl full of jelly. It's so strange to watch your own body grow so rapidly. Of course I know I should look at it in wonder because our beautiful little baboo is growing in there, but it's hard to always see it that way.

In fact, I feel more like this garter snake than the happy smiling mother-to-be in the photo, ready to jump out of my skin or dart back into the brush where no one can find me.

But, as that will do little good, I'm going to attempt to remind myself of some of the good things. Here are six things I'm looking forward to:

2)A day trip to Burlington with Mr. Jake to belatedly celebrate our anniversary
3)Going home to CT in July to see family and friends and Annie's puppies
4)When the tomatoes finally ripen in the garden
5)Strawberry picking soon and perhaps making some jam
6)A visit from my sister


I had the same problem you're having! I spent a LOT of time on the couch playing Mario Galaxy on the Wii. But then I got a whole bunch of orders/upcoming shows/freelance work, etc, and having real deadlines forced me out of the funk. Hope you find a way out soon, too!
Bonnie Wildwood said…
Hi Candice,

Yeah, I think keeping occupied with good projects is the cure. I'm already feeling somewhat better getting out the house for the day. (I work from home so this is a necessity from time to time.) I'm also trying to force myself into some deadline situations so I have no choice but to be productive. Thanks!
Karen said…
you look beautiful, bonnie! i hope to look like a bowl full of jelly someday, too! :-) hope you're more cheerful now.

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