Jake's Snake

Just popping in to share a few of the handmade gifts we gave each other this Christmas. Jake made me this awesome painting (which when framed will actually be cut into three panels). I'm covering the wild stag a little with my fingers.

And here is a new friend to our household, Mr.Snake, sewn up on my good ol' sewing machine. Most snake's are cold blooded, but not this one. Just pop him in the microwave and he's a toasty neck warmer. He's filled with lavender and flax seed for all sorts of relaxation and sore muscle goodness.


Karen said…
those gifts are both beautiful. i'm so sorry to have missed you both, too. it was really the only chance i had, so maybe we can have a stab at it this summer? i'll be visiting toronto, maybe i can stop there on the way up. gosh darnit darnit ... well, that's life and don't we know it. i hope both of you are feeling much better.

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