Happy Spookin'

Happy witching season! There is certainly some sorcery in the air these days. The mountains are a wild explosion of color right now. I love it when the trees are a mixture of firey red and golden sun yellow.

I just got these silly Gocco printed cards up on etsy, of course inspired by our own "spooker" kitty, Mr. Terrapin.

And while I was really trying to be good about focusing only on art, my fabric tempted me into making this quilted scarf for myself... yes, like I really needed another scarf! Well, this one is quite magic, to be sure, so I had to give myself permission to make it. I have been doing some artwork too, so never fair... maybe what I really need is a bit of balance.

I still haven't taken it off since I finished this afternoon. Perhaps it will give me some magic drawing powers so I can make some great paintings to show you soon.


Unknown said…
i really love that scarf. will you be making more?
Karen said…
i love this scarf, bonnie!! and those cards are just darling!!
Bonnie Wildwood said…
I'm in the process of making some variations on it right now.

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