Giant Avocados

Hello, hello! I just had to share with you these giant avocados that arrived for us in the mail today from my Grandma (along with some other goodies) that Jake so artistically photographed with his new Camp Uke. Yes, I have to say I wasn't convinced these were avocados until a call confirmed it. Mr. Jake has been teaching me to play the banjo uke (a different uke not pictured here) in what little spare time we both have. It's really very rewarding after all these years of not being able to play a single instrument and now finally beginning to learn (the uke is a great beginner instrument for anyone looking for somewhere to start). I've also been painting, as I promised myself I need to do and will hopefully have more to show in that arena next week when I can scan things.

Anyways, anyone got any fun avocado recipes?


Anonymous said…
guacamole!! mmmmmmmmmmmm. funny, one of the girls in our class brought a uke to show and tell this week. but hers was hot pink and said "hawaii" on it. lol
Sarah K said…
avocadoes & ukelele seem to go quite well, for some reason. happy to hear of your joy with plucking. i feel the same way about music, never done's a barrier i hope to cross sometime in life..

i like actually putting avocadoes in my pasta instead of cheese, compliments red sauce really well with the salty / creamy consistency. yummy good winter meal.
Bonnie Wildwood said…
They do some ridiculous things to ukes. Does she know how to play it. In Britain they've started teaching elementary school kids uke instead of recorder because it's a good instrument to begin on and they hope it will be a more encouraging instrument for people to continue playing. I think that we should start doing that in the U.S.

Sarah, I would have never thought about mixing avocado and tomato sauce. Maybe I'll give it a try sometime.. We've already polished off our Florida avocados.

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