Morning Glories

Look! We have morning glories growing up our sign post... sometimes blue, sometimes purple, but always lovely. And the best part is that I started them from seed... the first thing I've grown successfully and beautiful to behold!

Here's a photo of Jake getting ready to perform at the Harvest Fair in town. He's going to be in a play/musical about Woodie Guthrie in October, and they performed a few of the pieces from the play at the festival. I like how our little town celebrates holidays and the seasons... it seems like everyone comes out to enjoy it. There were lots of crafters... my mom got me some wool to try needle felting. It was right next to the cotton candy booth so I felt like I was running away with a bag brimming with cotton candy.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to make good on my promise to post more often because my eye has been irritating me, but I thought I'd share quick with you some things I've been up to.
These are dish clothes I've been making out of cotton yard. They work wonderfully and I wish I had made some sooner. They have a lovely texture that makes them extra thick and great for scrubbing. I have to admit I get a little excited doing the dishes with them. There also a great project I can do during in between times... like when Jake is poking around doing something when we're suppose to go somewhere... no need to stress about it, just pick the crochet!

The best news that I've been keeping under my hat is that we finally have an archival ink jet printer for my artwork (and for printing cd covers and other important such things)! So after we do the long hard work of rescanning all my images at a higher resolution, I'll have some prints for sale on etsy. It will also give me the extra incentive to make more artwork. It has been a struggle to find the time for art with the business. My energy has been very scattered in this first year and it has been hard to focus on painting. I find myself doing the things that I can squeeze into a short period of time rather than working on things that are more drawn out. I'm thinking of hiding some of my crafting supplies on myself and just focusing on artwork for a while. Sometimes I feel like a kid with too many toys. I'm also thinking of not buying any more supplies for at least a month and seeing what I can do with what I have. It's hard when your business is making things, but I have too many distractions right now and it seems the only way to get back to what's most important.

Speaking of such, the sun is shining and there's a poetry book on the table we picked up at the local book shop so I think it's time to get off this box.


Karen said…
great post, bonnie! love the flowers.

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