Butternut Scarf

Happy Autumn! (yesterday, anyways) The cold weather doesn't take long in coming here, and I could already use this butternut scarf I'm making from the softest wool you ever did feel. (Ooo, I hope someday to spin my own!) We even used extra blankets last night! And before we know it, it will be woodsmoke weather. I love this time of year that always disappears so quickly... I always feel a bit renewed this time of year... there's certainly an Autumn child in me.


Karen said…

i LOVE the scarf ... the nubbly-ness of it and the gorgeous color! is it knit, or crochet? wow ... sometimes i do miss the autumn at home ... but we do get it, too, just usually not until mid to late november. tomorrow will be 85 and sunny here! good times! still in summer clothes.
Bonnie Wildwood said…
Thanks Karen! It's crochet... haven't learned how to knit yet. I used to have a sweater that color that Jake accidently shrunk in the wash and I really wanted to have something that color again.

It's kind of the opposite here in terms of weather... not much of a summer. Summer here mostly felt like a continuation of Spring with a few hot days sprinkled in between... which doesn't bother me because I think better in cooler weather for some reason.

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