Getting my pumpkins in a row

Lately I've been wondering a little too often where the time goes. My "to do" list seems to always have twice as many things as I can possibly do on it. Which has lead me to ask myself which of the things on that list are really important and which can be eliminated. I'd love to get rid of laundry, dishes, going to grocery store, etc., but that's not going to happen. What's been bothering me the most is that I don't make time for art anymore. I eluded in an earlier post to hiding crafts supplies from myself, and I think maybe that is the answer. At least for a time, I'm going to step away from sewing and other crafts to work on painting again. This will be more difficult than it sounds. I love sewing... I love that it's meditative and that I don't have to think all that much when I'm doing it (which sounds silly, but isn't it nice sometimes to have a break from your mind?) I've never been one of those artists who can keep churning out work. I usually go through spurts... that's why crafting was so great for me because it filled in those gaps of time where I just couldn't create artwork. It allowed me to explore creativity in a different way. But it's been quite some time since I picked up a paint brush and I think it's time to change course again and refocus on my art because it's too important to let it just disappear from my life. So this week I'm going to spend some time trying to get some ideas going and making my work space free from distractions. I'm tempted to step away from the blog too, but I think it actually helps me to remind myself of the things I need to be doing. And who knows, maybe in the next couple weeks I'll actually have a finished painting to show. Okay, off to brainstorm!


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