Friday Favorites: Poky and Porcupines

1) Listen: Organic Gardener's Podcast: Episode 134: Gardening a Complete Diet with Jes Pearce
2) Watch: "World's Biggest Cities" on Netflix
3) Read: "The Penderwicks" (It's a four book series about four sisters and their father and an ever changing family.)
4) Make: Aran Jacket (This is on my "Great Make" list for the year. I enough yarn for it. Now to get started!)
5) Plant (changing things up a little this week): Botantical Interest Seeds: They have a great selection and both organic and heirloom seeds available.
Self-portrait by my 5 year old
Porcupine found on our hillside
Ciabatta Bread

P.S. I did try the Ciabatta Bread Recipe from my last "Friday Favorites" and it was awesome, and not quite as time consuming as it seems. I would definitely double the batch next time to make my effort last a little longer. I'd also make the loaf bigger by not dividing it into two as in the recipe.


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