Yarn Weather

The trees are just starting to go a little past peak in the valley. The pellet stove is warming us a bit more frequently. Our winter coats and warm woolly slippers are out and in use. Yes, it's definitely yarn weather.  I think it's safe to curl up in a rocking chair with a cup of tea and a fuzzy ball and hook. My newly finished felt piggies are cozy in their woolen shawls, and I've quite a few shawls I'd like to try my hands at for real people. My yarny day dreams tend to go far beyond what I have time to create, but it's nice to think of all you can do if the days would just stretch a little longer.

These beautiful crochet projects are all on my list of "Someday, when I have the Time...":

Crochet Hygge Scheepjes Shawl
 This one does give you week by week assignments to help break it up.

Magnolia Vintage Capelet
The size of this project is a bit more manageable than a full shawl and it's oh so pretty.

Girls Leg Warmers
For some reason I have a hard to finishing projects that come in pairs. I've had a pair of mittens I've had half completed for a couples years now.

Snow Drop Mod Scarf
I'd like to make these in different colors for my girls.

Top Down Crochet Cardigan
I've been wanting to make a sweater for years, and this one has short sleeves and could be made with scrap balls of yarn, so it definitely makes it more do-able. Plus, it's lovely.

That just scratches the surface of my project desires, but maybe someone else can find some inspiration in these links. Do you have anything on the hooks or needles now? I'd love to hear about it.

Joining in with KCCO over at Frontier Dreams .


Loks said…
Your piggies are adorable.It's fun to have little dolls to dress up.

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