Tooth Fairy Envelopes

My daughter's dental visit yesterday reminded me how much fun it is to make these wee felt tooth fairy envelopes. I made one for her when she had her first wiggly tooth.  Every time she loses one it brings such joy to put it in her own special envelope. The envelope is small enough that the tooth fairy can find the tiny teeth easily. This design that I'm working on originated when a classmate of my daughters saw her envelope during share time, and her mother asked me if I could make one for her. I didn't want to make the same thing, so I came up with this design where the tooth fairy is an actual tooth. Yes, I agree, it's silly! Since then I've sold countless more to local children at our farmer's market, and it brings me such joy to think about what they might find it in the next day.

We have a theory in our house that there are many tooth fairies... one for every region, as it would be hard for just one to take on the whole world. We suspect ours is a bit of a scavenger as there's always something different inside. Sometimes it's coins, sometimes pretty stones, sometimes bangles, but always it's wee enough to fit in the envelope. Do you have any special tooth fairy traditions in your house? Has the tooth fairy ever left anything surprising?

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