Wool Babies and Busy Days Ahead

The kids are back at school. I have no idea where the summer went. It was gone in a wink. I love everyday that my kids are home with me (for the most part!), but I do appreciate the rhythm and extra work time I have during the school year. My little one is still in preschool and so she's only gone for a couple hours during the day, but it is enough to get some sewing or other work in. I'm still getting in the swing of this new season, and how to make the most of my time, but I have made some new wool babies (made from recycled sweaters and stuffed with wool roving) and other odds and ends for the local farmer's market and upcoming Harvest Fair.

It's already looking to be a busy Fall with soccer for at least one girl, Girl Scouts and PTO. I never thought I'd be that kind of mom (the mom that does everything), but our small town seems to demand it. And very likely, I'm not good at saying "no". I'll be a Girl Scout leader (that's one of the not being able to say "no" roles I'll be playing this year), and hopefully my crafty background will help, but our troop combines all GS levels, so I'm not sure how much control I'll have over anything that our troop does. This is all on top of figuring out how to manage my business well enough this year so that when my little starts kindergarten, I'll be able to continue to do it full time. Anyways, I guess there's nothing to be done but leap right in. I am secretly thrilled at the chill in the air, and a few trees here and there popping with color.

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Jordyn said…
the wool babies are darling! And I love your blog header. So pretty.

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