The Land of Milk and Catnip

Kitties keep appearing on my work table these days made of felt with embroidered faces and dressed  for market. Some are for snuggling, some are for hair clips, and I'm sure more will manifest themselves in other ways. I was raised in a "no cats allowed" family, but have slowly and methodically become a crazy cat lady over the years. Okay, I'm not super crazy... we only have two cats, after all, but we do have the cat mugs and kitty dolls to prove it.  Over the summer, a real fur kitty also appeared in our lives (kitty number two that I referenced.). He started out living in our shed. We heard him yowling on the Fourth of July, hungry and in need of some attention. We tried to find his home without success. We are trying to get him to move into the house, where life isn't quite as dangerous, but so far we have only been able to get him to move to the porch. I think winter will surely get him inside, at least for the nights. Luckily, we're enjoying (sweating through) a second summer here, so he is plenty warm out there. It's unusual for the north country, our garden hasn't been frosted yet, so I'll have to do a garden update soon (something that I've clearly neglected this year!).

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Helen B said…
love your fabric kittens and your real cat is gorgeous.

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