In the Garden: Allium and Bok Choy

The most enchantingly blue wildflowers popped up under the raspberries this year, and I hadn't the heart to mulch them.
Our first Allium with a tiny visitor.
Fairy Clocks

The Wishing Tree in full bloom.

Radishes and greens make it onto my lunch time veggie wrap.

Parsnips that overwintered. I may have left them in too long as some were too tough to use which was a big disappointment.

Lupines in full divinity.
Some annuals that decided to make another appearance. Hurrah!

Lost in the jungle.
Dutchman's Pipe climbing up the brambly sandbox awning.

A bouquet of mushrooms after a week of rain.
My best digger sitting by, and occasionally on, some onions, lettuce, beets, and bok choy.

Can you spot the mysterious black figure in the lupines?

Lupines and a new brambly wall enclosing our porch which we will of course have to grow things on.

Tomatoes have all been transplanted.

The children's garden has been expanded to make room for bachelor buttons and gourds. Jake wove some branches together for the peas to climb.

Added chives around the rose bush to help keep aphids away.

The Fairy Thrown: made from reclaimed wood and a tree that needed to be cleared from behind the house. This sits at the center of our garden and will be a trellis for morning glories, nasturiums, peas and cucumbers.

Letting the chives flower and go to seed.

The seedlings emerging in the new flower patch.

Letting the kale that overwintered flower and make seeds.

Acorn squash planted with black beans and calendula.
It's strangely chilly out today, like a crisp Autumn day, and I just finished a pot of my magic wellness soup to chase away some lingering colds. In it I threw some bok choy leaves, spinach, chives and Vietnamese coriander from the garden. I love these little additions to mealtime that this time of year brings. I often have a veggie wrap for lunch and love filling it with fresh picked greens and radishes. Pretty soon, we should be seeing some snap peas on the vine. I've nearly got everything planted... just a few more things and wildflowers to spread on our hillside to reclaim it from the dreaded chervil. Our friend that we usually get hay from for mulch doesn't have any yet, so we've been delayed in getting things properly covered, but I'm hopeful that it will be coming soon. I am practicing patience this year in other ways, letting some things go to seed to make more seeds, and it's nice to enjoy these plants in the flowering stage.

How does your garden grow? Please feel free to share links to pictures in the comments of your garden! I appreciate the inspiration.

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