Graduation Dress

In just a few more days this little girl will be graduating preschool. I think that warrants a new dress, don't you? And how about one designed by mama and daughter with rose fabric chosen by the almost-graduate. Yes! We can do that. And we did. There were big smiles all around and lots of twirling. Time goes so fast with little people. It's all the twirling, I tell ya! I know we'll be dreaming up something to make for her high school graduation before long, or more likely, she'll be making it herself! She is definitely a little maker. She is already eager to get started with my sewing machine, which I hope to do with her this summer. It will be great to have her home on break, but sad to end her time in preschool. Thankfully, preschool days are not over yet, as Elsa will just be beginning her preschool journey come the Fall.

Joining in with KCCO over at Frontier Dreams .


that definitely merits a new dress - and what a gorgeous frock too for a lovely girl :)
Very pretty sundress. Bet she loves wearing it.
Zena said…
It's a gorgeous dress for such a milestone - graduation. I can imagine she will be a talented dress maker like her mama one day.
Bonnie Wildwood said…
Thanks all! I have a feeling she'll be asking for more in this style.

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