Three is a Magic Number

Three years... I think we've been talking about it for the last six months when big sister celebrated her fifth birthday. There's been both fear and excitement about this day. Three is a magic number after all. She both wants to be "a big sister" and "never stop being a baby". I love it! We kept it simple by hanging out at home playing with ponies and horses and mermaids. We mixed up some birthday magic out of just about everything we could find. It got a bit out of hand this year with marbles pouring out everywhere! We made blueberry pony cake that got stuck in the pan and went out for pizza and the day ended by staying up way too late eating cake, having a bonfire, flying on a birthday broom, and reading Pippi Longstocking comics before bed. All and all, I think the magic of three shined through on this day. The smiles were huge and the sun was shining! I wish everyday could feel like a birthday.

P.S. Something crafty... a fox apron made by Mama for my foxy lady, who has needed her own apron for far too long. I also made her birthday dress and unicorn (who has been named Rainbow).

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