Flowers and Truffles

 I know Mother's Day was last weekend, but I'm so behind the times. Happy Mother's Day to those wonderful, hardworking nurturers out there! I was blessed with a trip to our local bookstore and garden center on Mother's Day and countless beautiful pictures made by my girls as well as some beautiful earrings from my darling husband and acorn cap earrings from Oona. I'll share more about my garden purchases in my next garden post. The girls helped me make some yummy treats for some of the special mamas in our life... honey coconut truffles. I used this coconut ball recipe using uncooked honey creme (amazing!) as the sweetener and dipped them in tempered semi-sweet chocolate. I think they were a hit and this might have to be a Mother's Day tradition, though I have to figure out a better way to keep them from melting in the mail. Anyways, these were delicious to make even if you aren't a mama. I also got some time to finish up a Spring frock for myself (pictures to come!). We're having a beautiful sunny day here, so I best get outside!


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