All Species Day

 Happy May! Sadly, our May Day festival was a bit wet this year, and we weren't able to stay for the whole thing. We didn't even get to see the May pole unfurled and twirled. We were on the fence as to whether we should actually go to it, as the forecast was total doom and gloom. Sensible people would have just stayed home, but sensible people don't spend hours making costumes for such an event and have small children pleading with them to make the journey anyway. Who cares that we only had one fully functioning umbrella and had to make do with the rather heavy beach umbrella while holding little ones. A little rain never hurt anyone too much. Of course those same children didn't want to wear their costumes or stay long under umbrellas, and it was definitely not the merriest of May Days, but still worth the trip for those little moments of laughter and magic that this special celebration of nature always brings. It was sweet to see Elsa swept away by the music and wanting to dance around the circle again after our turn was done. I hadn't anticipated her being terrified of the large puppets. I was happy I at least got to see my parents dressed in their deer costumes. Eventually, we all got tired of holding up the umbrellas and headed back to the car, cutting out before the parade and dance. I'm hoping for a least one sunny day this week, so we can do some planting and maybe put up a little May pole of our own. Welcome May! 

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Anonymous said…
I forgot that we need to put up our May Day hanging wreath! I'm not sure how last years is holding up.
Zena said…
Wonderful giant puppets and dear costumes! Such a shame about the weather. We are celebrating Samhain.
Angela said…
Awww, what a bummer that it rained! It's so hard when you've been looking forward to an event and preparing for it and then last minute, something comes up (whether its rain, or illness, or other plans). Hoping next year will be dry! :)

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