Fuzzy Little Ears

Our annual May Day festival (All Species Day)  is swiftly approaching. "All Species Day" is a wonderful celebration where you get to dress as your favorites species and march in a parade as well as attend a beautiful nature ceremony and May pole dance. It's my favorite holiday. One little girl knew exactly what her favorite species would be this year. A mouse! Eee! But not just any mouse, a grasshopper mouse... an incredible mouse that both fights scorpions and howls like a wolf... a perfect fit for a feisty little girl ready to take on the world. I feel like I have made so many ears since becoming a mom... cat ears, unicorn ears and horn, deer ears and probably more that I'm forgetting. Usually I turn to fabric, but for this, I wanted something fuzzy and a light bulb went off. Felt! Indeed! I needle felted two mousey ears and a tail with brown, grey and pink wool. I was able to needle felt the ears to a headband by leaving extra room at the bottom of the ears and overlapping over the band being careful not to hit the band with my needles. I needed to do a few stitches to get them to stay in place and curve in a little, but it didn't take too long and I think the results are adorable. I can't wait to hear her howl on All Species Day. Hopefully she'll actually wear her costume this time, unlike last Halloween, but if not, they'll be a cute addition to the dress up box.

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