From Scratch: Romantic Ravioli and Blueberry Apple Pizza

Sometimes I think convenience steals all the joy out of modern cooking. Don't get me wrong, there are many nights when quick and simple does the trick and allows us to do other things, but I do so love the times when I can slow down and take joy in cooking. It's especially rewarding when I get to do it with someone I love. Last week I had two such awesome nights, first, trying out my new hand crank pasta roller, and making ravioli with Jake... he cranked and I cut them out and put them together... so much easier and sweeter with two people on the job. Then later in the week, Oona and I made pizza dough and she rolled her own pizza complete with apple and blueberry topping. Oona seldom eats our homemade pizza... crazy, I know. Jake usually does pizza night and just cranks it out with some store bought dough. But we took over the job last Friday... making both calzones and pizza with homemade dough, and the result was amazing. Oona did so much of the work herself, and she couldn't stop talking about how awesome it was, and she ate every bite. She even looked curious to try our calzones. I told her we're going to make it a new Friday night tradition. Hurray for cooking with family!


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