Fairy Tales and Yarn Tails

Taking Stock (at 33!):
Making : a birthday blouse and some doll diapers for Christmas
Cooking : wrap with hummus and avocado and cucumber for lunch
Drinking : coffee, soon
Reading: "Furs Not Mine" (a birthday book of poetry from Jake) and "The Tasha Tudor Fairy Tales" from my mom and dad
Wanting: to have time to work on some Christmas projects today
Looking: for ways to get the house organized
Playing: with wool felt
Deciding: what my next sewing project will be
Wishing: Bernie Sanders to be president
Enjoying: staring at my basket of colorful yarn as I type
Waiting: to take Oona to school
Liking: this recipe for "jeweled rice" for the holidays
Wondering: why I can't get the one step buttonhole to work on my machine
Loving: snuggling kitties
Pondering: which color yarn to start with
Considering: hibernating this winter
Buying: too much stuff on Amazon for the holidays (urrgh... I wanted to buy more local, but they make it too easy)
Watching: my kids play in the bath
Hoping: for a sunny day
Marveling: at how quick the year has gone
Cringing: at all the horrors in the world
Needing: to finish up some projects for Oona's birthday
Questioning: why creativity is so short changed in U.S. public schools... Children need more play time!
Smelling: peppermint salve
Wearing: my Mexican heart necklace
Following: my nose to that cup of coffee
Noticing: that I need more time to play, too!
Knowing: this list is taking ridiculously long... what happened to my brain
Thinking: of getting up earlier to walk each day (I've really fallen out of practice this year!)
Admiring: my new fabric
Sorting: through old kid drawings
Getting: use to the November grey
Bookmarking: craft projects for kids like this one for growing crystals for holiday decorations
Coveting: my new infinity scarf that I crocheted... originally it was suppose to be a Christmas present but I fell in love with the color
Disliking: how fast the end of the year moves
Opening: presents on Oona's birthday very soon
Giggling: at the games my girls play together
Feeling: extremely exhausted... must get out into the sunshine
Snacking: on my thoughts
Helping: Oona get ready for school
Hearing: sisters giggling

Thanks to "Meet Me at Mike's" blog for the fun list

Joining in with KCCO over at Frontier Dreams .




Caroline said…
I love that your infinity scarf was a Christmas gift knitting fail - I think we should all be a little more selfish when we make something that we love :-)
Oooh you have some very pretty fabrics there - what a lot of lovely makes and I can quite see why you fell in love with that scarf!
Zena said…
Lovely crocheting and blouse! I hope to find time for Christmas crafting too. Everything is so rushed right now. I have that tug-a-war of making something for someone else than wanting to keep it.
Elise said…
Ooh pretty yarn. And yay for pie!

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