Turmeric and Sea (or Plantain in Plantain)

It seems like a lot is happening these days, but somehow very little. I stole a little time this week to make myself a birthday blouse. This is an in progress shot, but I actually finished it this morning so perhaps there needs to be an update on that soon. It's the ever popular and free pattern from Deer and Doe, the plantain t-shirt. I measured myself to be sure, but the sizing was still a bit snug. It fits, but it's something I'll be more likely to wear as an under shirt. I also got some waviness in the bottom hem that I think could have been prevented by only folding over once instead of twice... folding twice worked fine on the arms, but for some reason this fabric was not happy when it did it for the base of the tee. Anyways, I do like it, and it was free, and it is very simple to work. Instead of using the binding I fold over a quarter inch at the neckline and then over again and stitched in place. This is less stressful for me with knits. The narrow hem worked ok... perhaps that would have done away with the waviness on the bottom if I had followed the same impulse. I think I'll size up if I make this again... perhaps two sizes... I like things flowy... not clingy as I don't have "the bod" for clingy. I'll also add a seam allowance to the neckline so it comes out closer to intended. I've been adoring this golden sun shade... plantain... mustard... turmeric or what ever you want to call it... I like turmeric best because I do believe that's what it looks like. It's pretty ridiculous that I made two blouses for myself back to back in the practically the same color! To be fair, one of them would have been a dress had I had enough fabric... sigh).

Speaking of turmeric and gold, my sister made me this delicious tea when I was visiting home... it's called "Golden Milk", but you can certainly use milk substitutes... she used almond milk (coconut milk also works fine) and fresh turmeric and I think she might have added cinnamon to the recipe, but that might just be my imagination. If you can get your hands on fresh turmeric, I do suggest it, as I do think it brightened up the flavor. Anyway, it's suppose to be great for colds, flu, depression and who knows what else, and it's surprisingly delicious. I also learned recently that curry is great for depression (I'm not depressed... or don't think I am, anyway, it's just what I heard... gosh that sounds defensive, haha)... and here's another surprisingly good flavor twist... curry and coconut oil on popcorn with salt or nutritional yeast (if you want to keep it truly healthy). My friend made it, and I did not think I'd like it, but it was kind of addicting! Be careful about adding too much curry, as I found when I made it at home.

The yarn above is the beginnings of a Christmas present that is taking quite a bit longer than expected... might not be finished until Christmas 2015, but I just loved the two colors together, so had to share. I have a whole box of yarn that is destined for Christmas 2015 or maybe 2016 at the rate I'm going. That's what you get for being overly enthusiastic about a project you've never tried before! I have a lot of gift making to get going on, and sort of a plan... now to make the days longer so I can get it all done.

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