Ginger and Spice and Everything Nice

Like bees to honey, my girls... gingerbread cake with chocolate chips, orange flavored cream cheese frosting and chocolate shavings... completely decadent and probably the best birthday cake I ever had! Homemade by Dada and Elsa (sorta)... I'm definitely in a sugar induced haze right now.
Somehow a zoo grew on my cake... and seven candles... I never knew I was so young, but seven is a lucky number, I hear.

I wish I remembered what I wished for...

Another trip around the sun for me, and I only seem to know how much time has really passed by how big my girls have gotten. Do you see that baby in my lap?... well, I hate to say it, but she's not really a baby anymore! She won't even wear a bib! But they both still let me rock them and smother them with kisses, so I guess that's something! Sometimes I like to set goals on my birthday for the coming year, but this year I think I'm okay with not ticking things off another list or feeling ashamed when I realize I haven't done anything on it. I'm embracing the odd pace of life with two little-kins. I think as long as I find time to create and laugh and be with my family, there's nothing more I really need accomplish right now. I had a very lovely birthday today just spending time with my family... eating far too many good things, needle felting, and watching a silly fairy tale movie with the girls. Here's to another year of growing!

P.S. Yes, I'm wearing my birthday shirt!


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