Garden Journey: Weeds, Bugs and Scapes

I'm going to try making my garden updates a weekly thing, so I can track progress. I must admit, seeing other gardens out there in blog land, I feel so inept. When will I ever get the hang of this? I've considered just giving up on the veggies and planting a small orchard since fruit is all my kids want to eat anyways. But there's something quite thrilling about the whole process that I can't seem to give up, even though it causes a bit of heartache.

Cucumbers, snap peas, nasturtiums, melons and morning glories are all growing in the middle circle and a fair amount of weeds after a few good days of rain and still no added mulch!

I'm trying out "the three sisters" this year...  squash, corn, and beans. We'll see if my corn actually gets taller than my beans so that they can twist around it. I still have some thinning and re-spacing to do

My winter and butternut squashes are a bit on the small side, but doing fine.
Half my tomatoes are looking good and the other have gotten a bit spotty and sad.

This year is the first year I had the foresight to plant garlic in the Fall. I never realized it was so magical looking with the twirly scapes on top.
And this morning I enjoyed my first harvest of garlic scapes, which were promptly turned into garlic scape pesto. It will be spread on sandwiches for tomorrows lunch.
These little devils have been hanging out in full force on some of my flower leaves. Anyone have any organic solutions to deterring crickets?

They are definitely top suspects for the crime of punching holes in my sunflowers.

And here's another little criminal jumping in mud puddles right after Mama put a cute vintage pinafore on her. Both the garden and Elsa were thankful for all the rain.

And last, but not least, I leave you with the strawberry thief... I think we need to invest in far more strawberry plants next year if we ever want to eat any ourselves. These kids gobble them as fast as they ripen. 
This week I need to:
- Add some mulch
- Thin and space things out
- Put up sticks and twine for the peas and morning glories
- Weed, weed, weed


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