Fairy Frolic

I don't think I've ever loved summer as much as I do living here in the mountains. Timeless beauty surrounds us, and when I am in the outside world, I can breathe fully. How lovely it is to explore the natural world with my little people! They don't mind being swallowed up by a field of flowers or trudging through the prickles. Whenever that caged bird feeling starts to get to me... the lack of control and chaos that only bothers you in the inside world, I need to go to the woods. Lucky for me, that is not hard to do where we live. I feel sad for the city kids who have never set foot in a forest or worse yet, are afraid to. I didn't even realize these people existed until I was in college, and came across a girl who had grown up in the inner city, and was absolutely terrified of the woods. What a shame to miss out on such magical places, and how will we ever understand the damage we do if we are never immersed in the beauty of it all?

(the first five photos were taken by Jake and rest by me)


Midsummer dreaming awaits! Oh, it would be nice to be little again and have wings.


Anonymous said…
looks so relaxing! I know that life is much busier than it appears. See you soon! mom~Baba

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