Happy Birthday Elsa Bernadette

 My beautiful pixie turned one yesterday! Happy Birthday sweet girl! You've changed so much in this one year, and you've changed me too! With your new found mobility you're off into the world, like a great explorer, waiting to see what's around the next bend... maybe cake, maybe presents, maybe a mama to hug and love you!

We celebrated at the park with some of our local friends with blueberry and strawberry cake (both her favorites), ribbon wands, balls and bubbles. It was bit blustery... early May in VT is a bit of a long shot for an outdoor party, but I think it was still quite fun.

Our first daffodil bloomed for my wee girls birthday, giving me the perfect excuse to pick it and put it on the table. And we had some colorful paper flowers too for our park celebration, thanks to some help from my Mom the day before (and a really delicious strawberry shortcake, thanks to my dad).

I'm so in awe of this little girl. She truly is amazing, as is her big sister. As I've done every month for this past year, here's what she's up to now:

- getting to be a pro at walking
- sitting in every chair she can get into (standing when I'm not looking)
- laughing like a little clown ("aharharhar")
- saying a lot (not sure what, but she's saying it)
- starting to get cuddly with people and stuffed animals
- says"mmm" to give kisses
- does "downward dog" yoga pose all the time
- enjoys playing dress up by throwing things around her neck and head
- says "yeah" when she wants something
- is eating most things we can eat (whip cream on strawberry shortcake for her birthday was pretty life changing for her)
- still has the most impish smile I've ever seen

Happy Birthday my littlest darlin'!


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