Holiday Forget-me-nots

string of beads getting ready to be turned into a necklace
wooden wheat penny birds made by Jake for our mom's and grand-mom's
Because I know this blog is utterly lacking in crafty goodness these days, I wanted to share a couple of holiday crafts that have finally found their way to their recipients! (We celebrated Christmas with my parents only this past weekend, and we still have one more Christmas to celebrate when my sister comes to town! We make it last all year long!) There were a few other handmade things that I forgot to document, but really it's a wonder anything got made at all. The wooden birds were actually made by Jake, not me, but they were so lovely hanging next to the gold stars I made last holiday season, I had to share. He made Oona a bird without the string of pennies so she could fly it around. I'm hoping I get one for Valentine's (hint, hint... ok, he doesn't read this thing, so I'm just talking to myself, hehe). I made a few of the hodge-podge necklaces above and strung them with velvet cord for a bit of glamor. I tried to keep my hand making simple, but really I need to make it even simpler next year... maybe starting in July with a real plan. It does get stressful, and I hate for crafting to feel that way. I suppose I could do away with it all together, but truthfully, I look forward to it too. If only I had more time and more hands!

Note: My bead making box is a vintage letterpress box that I store in my map table drawer. It works great because I can see all my beads at once which makes it so much easier to create. Of course, I can't bead often these days as little hands want to steal my treasure as I work.


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