6/52 Twenty-five Cent Ride

"A portrait of my girls, once a week, every week, in 2014."
Oona: At our favorite antique mall... riding the range once more... 
Elsa: Her first horsey ride, one minute smiles, the next tears... big sister had to finish this ride for her.

Elsa hit the 9 month mark this past week! As I went through big sister's old clothes to see what she would be fitting in next, I felt teary eyed, thinking it had been only a short time since Oona was wearing these things, and now my little Elsa would be wearing them and how could my little Oona seem like such a real and genuine "little girl" now! It goes too fast. I sneeze, and they've grown again. I'm trying to do better to savor my time with my little ones. I sometimes am guilty of wanting them to grow faster, be more independent (which is a good thing too), but I need to remember these cuddly baby days won't last forever.

Ok, so what's my little 9 month-er up to?

- getting into everything
- climbing and crawling like there's no tomorrow
- rolling around with big sister (Oona loves hugging and squeezing her... sometimes a bit over zealously!)
- pulling herself up
- standing for short times unassisted
- baby babble is starting to vaguely sound like real words... phrases she might possibly have sorta kinda said: " I do" and "I love you"
- does this cute thing where she snuggles her head down against the floor with a big ol' smile and waits for us to go "awww!... If you say "awww!" she automatically does this... even Oona plays along
- said "bye bye" to Dada this morning... I  kind have a funny feeling my girls might always call Jake "Dada"
- waves and smiles like the Queen of the World

(These monthly lists, as I'm sure I said, are more for me to keep some sort of record as I never seem to find time to update the baby book! I promise to stop at a year! Oh wow, that will be here all too soon!)



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