Scenes from Christmas

The stockings hung on kitty hooks this year. Both Oona and Elsa's eyes glowed when they first saw them.
Santa delivering gifts by air mail.
Elsa's Handmade Stocking finished with a few days to go.

A very excited little girl.
Our magical tree.
Elsa, being polite and reading the gift tag before she eats the paper.
Ooo! Presents!
Santa brought some vintage hats for some of the stuffed friends.
Jake's Dad serenading little Elsa.
Angel or devil? Still not sure...
The Wildwood family, handmade by Mommy... finished the day before Christmas with a good amount of nervous nail biting. A gift for Oona who requested, "People and a house and a car..."

Hope everyone had a joyful holiday! I think I'm going to try to do a year in photo blog post soon. Stay tuned!


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