Darkest Days

Christmas lights on the store on a rainy evening. Photo credit: Mr. Wildwood

Snow has fallen, strands of candy colored lights light the streets, and we are nestled in our little home. Frosty weather and darker days drive us inward. And we search for warmth... warmth in the things we bake in the oven, warmth by the fire, warmth in the things that come off the crochet hook or knitting needles, warmth in hot soups and candle light, and warmth in stories and laughter. It is too easy to give into the darkness of these near winter days, but luckily it is human nature to fight against this... to try to illuminate the world when it could just about swallow us whole. I hope you are finding light and a touch of magic as Old Man Winter dances icicles over our doors and windows. Maybe tomorrow we will go frolic in the bed of marshmallow that has covered our lands, and welcome the shortest day and longest night in style.


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