Gingerbread Houses and Whirligigs

On Tuesday we made a special visit to the "VT Folk Life Center" to see their annual gingerbread house exhibit. Wow-eee! They are made by both kids and adults alike, and it's so much fun to see the new ideas each year! Maybe Oona and I will make one next year. I thought it would be fun to share some of the photos for those not in the area in the spirit of the season. They also had a whirligig and a global textile exhibit that are both worth seeing, too. There's a few photos of whirligigs at the end of my photo tour.

Gummy Bear Ski Slope
Saloon, complete with passed out drunk!

A look inside the saloon.
Get warm by the fire.
Arcade for the gingerbread kids.
Watch out for gingerbread dinnos!
The garden next to the house had exquisite detail.
Gingerbread town seems like an unsafe place to live.
Hagrid's Cabin
Merry-Go-Round... Oona's Favorite
Cinderella themed ones were popular this year.
Farmer's Market
The family
A last look at the town.
Whirligig Man saws woman in half.
Wind powered Ferris wheel

Hope you enjoyed these silly things as much as I did!


mary said…
looks like fun was had by all who created their scenes! Love the whimsical whirly gigs too. Thanks for sharing. ~Baba

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