No, really, this is a craft blog...

Blanket credit: Moogi and her friend Merrill
 Ok, some of you out there might be wondering at this point, wasn't this a craft blog?! Well, just ignore the little pixie in the photo above and the one down below eating my yarn, because YES, this is a craft blog, and I fully plan on getting back to crafting/arting/ creating in the months to come. It's true that the sweet little girl below is monopolizing much of my time these days along with her big sister, but I am devicing strategies to sneakily make things while not neglecting my children.

Don' worry... no yarn was consumed.
 Strategy # 1: Do work that can be done on the floor while gazing adoringly at my baby as she commands.

Strategy # 2: Get Elsa to let me put her down for naps instead of falling asleep on my lap or in the carrier.

Strategy #3: Not yet thought of...

So, technically what I'm working on now isn't work, but play... a granny square afghan for the family I started ages ago, but it does feel good to be making anything at all. This is a sampler project to practice my crochet skills.  Crochet has been one of the few things I seem to be able to do in little bits here and there. Sewing is harder because I have to move around a bit more to get things, iron, pin things, make patterns, etc. Painting is hard because I don't like having to stop when I'm in the middle of using a particular color. Anyhow, I'm starting to figure things out a little better. I'll be back this week to share some more crochet.


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