Growing Buddhavistas

My little sweet pea hit the two month mark over the weekend while we were busy visiting with her Baba and Papa and celebrating my mom's birthday. I love how in this first year each month is so important, so vital to their growth. She changes so much each month, sometimes even from day to day.

At 2 months Miss Elsa is:
- growing like a sunflower up to the sky
- gabbing more and more with -"agaa"'s and "agoo"'s and other sweet pigeon coos
- very alert and spending more time playing on her blanket and staring up at me from my lap
- holding her head up like a confident lioness
- smiling like crazy and sometimes chuckling in her sleep
- loving peakaboo
- kicks her little frog legs on the blanket until she has moved herself about
- listens closely and responds when talked to
- still has the cutest little dimple on one cheek
- sleeps through the night after a bit of fussiness in the evening
- loves staring up at the trees and being outside
- loves kicking her legs in the bath and having water poured on her
- can nearly roll over

And just for fun, I'll do Oona too who is a little over 2 and a half years (about 31.5 months):
- is a little monster
- is fond of stories... loves to read, make up stories herself, has Mama make up stories for her and often can be found paging through her books telling her own versions of the stories
- loves making all sorts of creations with blocks... people, animals, vehicles, buildings, etc.
- devours fruit at alarming rates
- won't even try a bite of most dinners I prepare
- sings us lovely songs
- loves to draw and paint and can make smiley faces and heads and sometimes bodies too
- never wants to go to bed
- can do the stairs on her own
- is reluctantly getting better at the potty
- says she wants to play mandolin when she's a big girl like mama
- is super friendly... loves to take strangers by the hand, give them hugs, tell them her life story (Mama is always a little frightened by this)
- can turn any object into something fun to play with
- loves her big girl bed and hanging out in her bedroom
- is crazy about all her grandparents
- has a really good memory... sometimes too good
- can count to five... sometimes higher
- has no interest in the alphabet
- is super tall for her age
- makes up really great names for her dolls, stuffed animals and block people
- loves to"help"
- loves to run naked
- likes being a "big girl"
- loves being a big sister, even though sometimes the little demon on her shoulder makes her be naughty
- says hilarious things on a daily basis

Ok, I could go on and on about both these little darlings as only a mother could! But I won't bore you anymore.


Anonymous said…
I think you've covered just about everything. Oona is a very good artist and draws eyes, nose, and mouths on her people and will use any medium she can get her little hands on. Elsa is enjoying watching her silly sister as she plays and jabbers on. Also, all of the grand parents adore her!
Anonymous said…
adore both of course! And I have a little boy babe to adore as well!

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